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Buying Sofa for Modern Indian Homes

Sofa’s is the biggest investment you make when it comes to buying furniture for your homes. You have so many different materials, designs and textures to choose from. One is bound to go wrong with buying perfect sofa for their homes.

Here are our Designer’s view ( @ ContractorBhai.com ) that help make you a confident decision while buying Sofas for your modern houses.

Designer 1 – You basically have 2 different types of sofa –
i. Readymade ones and
ii. Custom made or Carpenter made sofa
Well there are pro’s and cons of each style of sofa’s.

Ready-made Sofas

Chances are that these could be made at workshop level and most of the times they are now factory made furniture that come in standard sizes, finish and style. Advantage here is that you get to see the sofa finish, feel, color, etc., before buying one. But the major drawback is that you cannot be sure of what type of wood or other raw material is used to make one. Also they come in standard sizes like Two and half feet, 3’ , Three and half feet.
You have many readymade sofa’s easily available in today’s time which range from as low as Rs.20,000/- to Rs.25,000/- for sofa set. This is like spending penny on huge thing. But, let me warn you that such cheap available sets could show alterations within a year or so. Like the springs may expand, the fabric may stretch and become loose, the fabric could easily soil, etc.

Buying Branded Sofa sets

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If you buying sofa sets and other furniture too in that case from well-known or branded showrooms, then it’s a different story. These people are brand cautious. They wouldn’t cheat you with type of material or poor quality items since it can affect their name in market. But if you are buying ready-made sofa sets form local market, chances are you either will have to repair them or replace them in years or two.

Custom-made Sofa Sets

Custom Made sofas are sofas got made from carpenter at home.

Here is the basic prOcess of getting custom-made sofas at home
• You call the carpenter.
• He shares the catalogue of different styles and design of Sofa i.e. 2-setaer and 3-seater sofa, Back rest design, handle design, etc.
• Also different material swatches catalogue used to make sofa.
• He then takes measurements if you do not want standard size sofas or sofa set.
• Once you finalize with complete sofa design, style and material, He hen starts of with this work.
Custom-made sofa do turn out to be expensive as compared to ready-made ones but there’s a reason to it. Only and only good quality material is going to be used for making these sofa. Also home owners are aware of what material is truly used in making them. And so these sofas are sure to last for minimum of next 10-15 years.

Weather you buy Ready-made Sofa sets or have custom made sofa set, here are few tips before you buy or plan to get it made –


Consider the Size – A perfect Sofa size would be 40” deep, 60” long which is 36” high with 19” seat height. For home owners who want long enough to be able to take a nap could have 90” long sofa. Modern sofas usually have square shaped arms.


Know Your Sofa orientation – Most important aspect to Successful Interior Designing is organizing interior elements like furniture for easy flow. For airy and bright ambiances in room, arrange sofa’s next to Window so that guests feel more welcomed and pleasant.


Find out what shape sofa is best for your room – Know what shape sofa you want for your living space. This majorly depends on space and your lifestyle. For big room with open dining space L-shape sofa are great options. They help divide open space into different areas.
For smaller rooms with small gatherings, a round shape sofa is much favorable.
Now Before you plan what style and how many seater sofa you want, analyze your room and lifestyle. Do you often have guests at home? DO you have parties at home? If yes then you need good seating arrangements made from now.

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Choose appropriate upholstery material for your Sofa – Aesthetics i.e. look and feel is definitely most important aspect to Designing. But above all falls functionality. Functionality is the key when it comes to designing homes especially when you have kids or pets at home.
We all love those white, light colored suede sofa. They look very beautiful. But light colors and suede material sofa can be terrifying if you have kids at home. Toady you have various materials to choose from that are resistant to stain, water and fade resistant from sun too. Therefore it’s essential to choose a wiser material and color as per your lifestyle.


Choose Sofa style that goes well with your room Interiors – For modern home interiors, pick up sleek, clean line sofa with dramatic color for uplift the room décor.
For traditional interiors, a classy designed sofa with elegant fabric in various colors will complement the interior style well.

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