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building material CPVC Pipes cost rates

CPVC Pipes

CPVC pipes have become standard for all Residence Plumbing application. Mainly used for Concealed Piping. With Concealed pipeline it becomes essential that piepline is durable. CPVC pipes & fittings can withstand hot water & high pressure. Olden days GI pipes were used, however these are prone to rust. Also metal pipes requires labor intensive installation. Cost of Bathroom Plumbing with CPVC pipes is economic. There are branded manufacturers in market who claim CPVC pipes lifespan of as long as 50 years.

Price Range

  • Difference in 40 & 80 schedule is thickness of the pipe. 80 schedule pipes can bear more pressure.
  • Compared to PVC pipes, CPVC pipes can sustain higher temperature. Most brands claim to easily handle temperature upto 90 degree celcius.
  • All new buildings & construction use CPVC pipes for conceal plumbing. Recommedned if you are renovating home
  • Below rates are per running feet ( rft ).
1/2 inches3/4 inches1 inches1 1/4 inches
Schedule 40Rs 18 / rftRs 23 / rftRs 30 / rftRs 38 / rft
Schedule 80Rs 23 / rftRs 29 / rftRs 38 / rftRs 47 / rft

Suggestions by ContractorBhai on buying CPVC Pipes

  • Check the thickness of the wall and accordingly buy CPVC thick pipes
  • Look for ANSI/NSF or ISI mark on pipes. Without this trade mark, CPVC pipe shall not be used or bought
  • Inquire for the gauge of the pipe. Prefer buying heavy gauge CPVC pipes
  • Always a good idea to buy branded CPVC pipes