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Buying electrical items thru eCommerce sites 2015-05-14T12:31:14+00:00


We are constructing a new house and researching the best place for buying electrical items (switches, copper wires, boards,MCBs so on). After doing bit of a research, I could see lot of ecommerce websites also has wide range of electrical products from different famous brands with cheaper rates than the local market.

Since we are investing lot of money for the electrical items,

1) what are the drawbacks of buying electrical items in ecommerce sites?

2) For switch and other design items, we need to see in real and find the product code hence we can order it in online. we can eliminate the look and feel of the same. is there any chance that the products will be cheaper in quality? or damage? or warranty issue?


Please suggest your experience in buying electrical items from local market and online.


Thanks a lot.



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For branded materials I dont see there should be much of a problem, make sure you calculate cost of shipping & pay required taxes on materials to get original bill.

As far as building materials/products are concern, not many people are yet buying online, because major decisions usually taken by contractors/Designers/Architects & they always have list of shops known to them. They feel more comfortable buying from these known shops. If there are any issues, it is easy to get service from known vendor.

Electrical wiring & switches/MCBs are very crucial safety items. Make sure they absolutely matching the requirement. You cannot have even a point percentage error or or compromises with it.

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