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How are cracks in marble repaired? 2015-05-14T12:31:14+00:00

 How are cracks in marble repaired?

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Well there are various reasons for damages or cracks developed in marble like a fall of heavy object, daily wear and tear, etc. Its best to have noticed the crack or any damages as early as possible so that one can repair it easily rather than getting into the headache of replacing the entire stone. Fixing a crack in the marble in not a difficult process.
i. Clean the crack or small holes with acetone or with a nylon brush to remove the dirt.
ii. The crack is then filled with a colored grout so that the crack easily blends with the flooring stone. The grout is filled with a putty knife. Fill the grout until it is even with the marble surface. The excess grout can be removed with a damp sponge, but within 20 mins. of its application. Let the grout dry for a day.
iii. Next day if there’s any contraction observed in grout, repeat the process of grout filling.
iv. Once the grout is at the same level as the marble surface, seal the crack by brushing a layer of polyurethane. Allow this to dry for nest 48 hours and then it can be used as normal.
The grout used to fix the cracks are available with dealers or marble. But prefer buying it from the dealer from whom the stone was brought.

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