Tell us something about your career?
I did B Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) from Abhinav College of Architecture Pune (BKPS College Of Architecture). B. Arch is a 5 years course. I was passionate about drawing and always wanted to make it part of my profession. In 1997, I did get in to Computer Engineering, but very soon left it to pursue Architecture.

When did you start working?
Even while I was studying, I started working on various projects. I designed Set for song in Devdas movie under Art Director, Nitin Desai. By the time I was in 4th Year, I was already getting projects from individual Home Owners.

As part of thesis, I designed a planned solution for a government project for Boat Club in Pimpri Chincwad, Pavana river. This was to increases tourism and at the same time not do harm to environment. I provided complete plan to Corporation and they actually executed it. Project was completed even before I finish my Graduation

After finishing B. Arch, I did job for a year. And then went independent to start my business with name “Savvy Architects & Interior Designers” . Company provides Architectural, Interior, Green Building Design Consultancy. we execute all type of civil and interior works, small apartment/flat or a big budget bungalow or a township etc. We have done work in different areas; Architectural planning in housing, residential bungalows, Industrial planning, civil contracting, interior. Various sectors like IT’s, commercial, shops, offices, clinics, hospitals.

In 2008, I participated in International Architectural Designers Awards. 165 Architects took part. My work won the 1st prize. My design took care various aspects, some of them being vastu shashtra, climatology, use of skylights, Joint family needs. The bungalow I designed had goodness of both, modernism and contemporary style.

Most of the work you do is Newly constructed buildings or Home Renovation of an existing Home?
I have more then one projects going on in different areas. Presently I am finishing with a Industrial project in Satara; 2 bhk flats of a big schemes launched in city of Satara.  Bungalow projects in Pune, Satara, Aurangabad. Recently I did Interior work for 2 Bungalows in Pune. Project for Clinic. etc. I am providing complete end to end solution for last 10 years now.

Personally, what kind of work is more close to heart – working for a builder type

[OR] independent Home Owner Project?
Home owner ‘s work always brings more Joy. Regarding builder’s work, many times there are limitations on implementing your ideas.

Why home owner, tell us more?
Every person has a dream of having a flat or big house. Builder sells house and in today’s time buying house is an costly affair. After this people dont have enough money for Interior but still they hire us. So in all the money that is spent for Interior work/renovation, you barely have some 2 to 5 %  left. In such a situation, an Architect or Interior Designer has to give his/her best. There are lot of emotions involved and we have to meet expectations within budget. We have executed at-least 300 Residential Projects so far and understood how important it is for Home Owners to accomplish and keep or words.

What changes have you seen in Pune in last 10 -15 years?
Previously there were no township in Pune. In 2001 the first township was launched by DSK Vishwa. Hinjewadi became huge and Pune got changed in to Metropolitan city.

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