• Why Your Soundproof window is not Perfect Solution

Why Your Soundproof window is not Perfect Solution

With Acoustic one thing to remember is – often it’s not easy to give a simple solution to some acoustic problem which will be applicable in a wide range of situation. Every problem and every area is different.

And the thing with sound is you cannot just give a blanket rule like if you do this it will result into that so it doesn’t work like that. Many Home Owners call Aluminum Sliding Window expert & they give some solution by saying ti will work even before seeing the place. It reduces noise level, but results will vary for each & every house.

Everything to do with sound is dependent on frequency. The audible range of frequency is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz or 20,000 Hz. Suppose you have a partition or a window & say you have 100 db noises outside and you want to reduce it to 40db inside. Your window should reduce 60db. There is no way to get a window that will reduce 60db across the board. Because at every single frequency reduction will differ.

Like at 50 Hz the reduction might be 8db but at 3000Hz the reduction will be 25 db. So it varies a lot depending on frequency and also the kind of sound it is.

Another thing that matters is the background noise. Suppose there are 2 Rooms next to each other so one guy is talking in one room and another guy is sitting in another room. The talking guy is disturbing the guy in the other room. The factors here are the partition itself, the frequency of the guy who is talking, and what is also important is the background noise in the listener position.

If there is a very loud air conditioner, or some other noise, background music for example. You will not hear that guy and it will not disturb you. You have to consider many different factors like the background noise, the nature of the noise source and all kinds of things the distance from the source to the receiver. All this is before you design solutions.

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