Veneer is one of the finest natural material you can use in your home. Corian ( Solid surface ) usage will keep increasing in India over next few years. People started using material for Decor finish & Solid Surface countertop, but slowly people are making whole piece out of it. For example instead of making a wooden box & then finishing it with Veneer or lamination. Complete furniture or object can be made using Acrylic Solid Surface. You can give bends, coved edges & make whole thing seamless. No joints at all.

There are occasions when finishing material of furniture could be done using Lamination (Veneer Lamination) or using solid surface ( Corian).

Both the things have their own charm. Design & concept for complete home or room decides which will suit better.

In most projects we have done, Lamination takes lot of time. If the lamination is not done properly there are chances that it will get yellowish patch. Kind of cracks yellow in colour. In many countries use of Lamination is not allowed because of it’s impact on environment.

A room where lamination work is going on, a person cannot stay there for long time. It gives out strong odour. Strong Odour stays in the house for week or two. Whereas when you use corian ( Solid surface ), only time when we do cutting of Solid surface, there is little dust. Other then that, there is no problem of odour or dust. Infact a good quality Acrylic Solid Surface is rated for being hygienic.

Lamination work of 300 to 400 ft can easily take 6-8 months, ofocurse we are talking about good quality lamination. With Corian ( Solid Surface ) work of 300-400 ft takes 15 days. We had a site of 350 ft. Timeline was very agrresive. We started the work on Friday evening and completed it by Sunday evening. It was all Corian Counter tops and wall cladding work.

If a veneer cracks or something goes wrong with lamination, there is no easy solution to it. You have to break & remove material & re-do it.

With Solid Surface, advantage is it is easy to make it look new. If you have money to spend, you can remove top & change it with new one ( although that’s really not required). There are people who change their tops every 2-3 years. The shelf is kept as it is and the top is changed. The person who goes for fabrication will charge a little extra for breaking and removing it and he will put another stone.