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ACP i.e. Aluminum Composite Panel sheets are made from non-combustible polyethylene core that is laminated and then sandwiched between two aluminum sheets. The non-combustible polyethylene core is a rubber like paste that is compressed and pressed between two aluminum sheets. The compression process is same as that of compression process of laminates.

Aluminum Composite Panels Non-Combustible Polyethylene Core

Aluminum Composite Panels Non-Combustible Polyethylene Core

Branded ACP’s offer architects and builders an exciting dimension for expansion in planning and designing structures. ACP’s are available in wide and attractive surface finish.

Different finish ACP Sheets that Adds different Dimensions

Different finish ACP Sheets that Adds different Dimensions

The most preferred brands of ACP sheets are Eurobond, Alto-bond and Viva. The manufacturing units of these brands are in India itself. You’ll not find any other local ACP sheet manufacturer as setting up a unit is a heavy investment that not all can afford.

Usually if you see the ACP sheet brands will have Bond term always stated. Well Bond really means to stick or join. But bond here is used to signify strength and therefore very commonly used by ACP sheet manufacturers.

The cheapest of all that costs around Rs.90- Rs.100 per square feet is of Altbond brand- American Diamond shade. This is the lowest quality ACP sheet. To install this Altobond- American Diamond shade ACP sheet you have the material i.e. the ACP sheet cost plus labor charges plus framing cost which in fact turns out to be an expensive piece. Also it doesn’t turn out to be as durable and sturdy as other branded good quality ACP sheets. But you also have other quality ACP sheets available in Altobond brand that are quite durable. Infact many dealers sell and would recommend you Altobond ACP sheets only. Otherwise also, I would suggest clients to buy a branded and good quality ACP sheets instead.

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    Pls give all building construction item rate analysis

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    Pls provide the size dimension n length of acp sheets along with their colour price n labour cost respectively.

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    Are you interested in sourcing or dealing in Aluminium flay rolled products (for panelling, ACP, Foils etc)

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    we are handling a prposed commercial bldg project. Need some samples of acp premium grade, matte finish and reflecting glossy finish.

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    Whats the cost of Altobond Snow white ACP sheets 8′ X 4 ‘ sheet. What is the labour cost for fixing if i have the framing ready.

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    I have to make a signage using acp sheet area is 34ft x 10 ft .we have to cover front and back.
    What would be the labour cost to do so in Mumbai.
    Does the labour cost include the material also in it.

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    We need ACP Sheet of 80000Sqft good quality. The thickness of ACP sheet is 3mm and 4mm. Please send the details and price lists of items into our mail and whatsapp number. Our mail id is and Whatsapp number is 9349281716. Please send the catalogue or brochure

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