• EPOXY Coating

EPOXY Coating

EPOXY coating is recommended for concrete structure instead of plaster work. EPOXY is a heavy duty coating that adds strength to the surface applied. Epoxy is used on concentered structure. Indeed it very effective and applied on concrete. Epoxy coating can be applied for solution involving concrete water tanks.

Strength of EPOXY

This is a true incident of river Damodar. There is a dam built on this river for irrigation purpose. As we know there are two gates to dam One of each side of dam to guard water from entering the other side. When the gates are closed, during floods gates on the river side will closed and during such critical time epoxy based solutions makes it possible to with stand pressure of water. The river water will not enter the canal constructed for irrigation and while water on other side is used for irrigation, the other side gates are closed to maintain the flow of water. Due to heavy storage, water pressure went high causing crack in wall. It was difficult to operate the gates too probably cause of the crack. But water was flowing from one side to other due to crack. To seal this crack, EPOXY was used and the problem was solved. Here one can imagine the strength of EPOXY coating is so much that it can block high pressure flowing water.

How is EPOXY used

EPOXY is typically mixed with cement for its application. IT is a two component hardener & resin could be in liquid form which are later mixed with filler material which is in powder form. A higher grade ā€œCā€ component EPOXY is also available but is used for major or in heavy duty construction. Harder resin is in liquid form that is mixed with filler which is in powder form for its application. This can be used as plaster too. But for plaster repair or application, EPOXY- repair mortar is used.

EPOXY not for residential purpose

EPOXY coating is a heavy duty coating not used for residential purpose. It is used for heavy construction purposes only. Though there are few who use EPOXY for residential purpose or for small cracks and damage. I would say,ā€ Using EPOXY for residential purpose or for small cracks is like killing a mosquito with a bullet.ā€

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