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A Primer is a preliminary coating applied on materials/surface before painting. Using primer on a given surface ensures better adhesion of paint on that particular surface. It also increases the paint durability and offers additional protection to the material being painted.

Priming is done to the before painting walls, window and door grills, window frames, etc. Priming is done to grills and frames not only for better paint adhesion but to protect against rusting too.

ICI Auto Paints Primer is an oil based prep coat for metal grills & other fabricated metals. It is highly recommended for metal grills & railings those exposed to moisture. Because if the water seeps through the bare metal, oxidation process will start causing the steel/metal to rust. Metal Primers- ICI Auto Paint Primer, contains additional chemicals like sacrificial zinc, which protect against corrosion.

Metals usually do not provide a clean solid surface for paint to abide causing it to come off. Using primer before paint will prevent from paint flaking and also help clean the metal from any dust and rust.

To Summarize

Why It’s a Winner :

ICI Auto Paints Primer is an oil based prep coat for metal grills & other fabricated metals. It prevents corrosion.

What Experts Say :

Product makes your metal grills & railings Weather resistant due to strong Anti-corrosive properties. Followed by this coat you can use regular colours. Once done, stays good for 5-7 years. Grills can be re¬painted every year or two, no need to prepcoat for 5-7 years.

Cost :

1 litre Rs. 235

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