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Top 50 Products for 2015 – Home Pressure Booster pump

This product is one of the “Top 50 Materials, Products & Ideas we recommend for the year 2015”, as chosen by our expert team of Architects & Interior Designers. You can download EBOOK “The ContractorBhai Top 50” here

The ½ Hp (Horse power) pressure is an automatic pressure pump for increasing the water pressure from overhead water tanks. Compact design and silent and maintenance free motor operation makes this pump suitable for several applications. But It is mainly designed for residential and light commercial applications where insufficient water pressure exists. The motor in this booster pump has built-in thermal overload.

The inbuilt controller offers constant pressure and the pump starts automatically when water is being used and runs continuously until water in not required. This ½ Hp shower booster pump provides upto 5 times more pressure for complex showers and shower panels.

This booster pump is a necessity in modern buildings with great heights. Especially for tall building say 10 floors and above tower, the top floors mainly after 8th floor shall get shower booster pump installed.

There are several brands like Lubi, Watson, Chromtonetc easily available in market which provide 2 years warranty. The cost of ½ Hp shower booster pump starts from Rs. 6,000 and above

To Summarize

Why It’s a Winner :

Excellent for showers with low pressure. It increases and regulates pressure without the major changes to your plumbing needed for a big Rain showers.

What Experts Say :

A permanent solution to improve your dribbly showers. Mke sure mod¬el you buy has following qualities – auto start on turning shower start, minimum noise, small enough to fit inside loft or celing, company warranty & low power consumption.


Branded 0.5 HP pump starts at Rs 7500

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