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Top 50 Products for 2015 – SS Door Magnet Stopper

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Magnetic door securely holds are typically used on doors, that when in the full open position, you would like it to remain open, until you close it. They are often used on bedroom and bathroom doors. When the room is not in use, you would like the door to remain open and you don’t want drafts or wind slamming the doors closed.

The stainless steel door magnet stopper are used to match all doors be it homes or offices. The 2 most universal models can both be vertically mounted to the floor or horizontally mounted on wall, baseboard or door. These can be used as door stoppers and door holders too. Here the Receptor part comprises of a spring loaded cushion that can absorb normal impact shocks. The Base has a permanent magnet as its end to hold the door open.

There are other types of door stoppers that function in similar fashion. Like you have dome style door stopper that are floor mounted where the door stop is screwed to the floor. The other style is for low profile floor mounted base to reduce the risk of potential tripping. Here a round strike plate is flushed on the floor while the magnet is screwed on bottom of the door.

To Summarize

Why It’s a Winner :

Magnetic door stops are used on doors that usually remain in full open position you would like it to remain open, until you close it. Excellent if you small kids/toddlers in home, want to keep doors open & not let kids close the doors or play with it. Magnets are strong enough to do the job.

What Experts Say :

The Base of stopper has a permanent magnet at its end to hold the door open. Many home owners like it so much, they use it on every door in your house.

Cost :

Rs 150 – Rs 300

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