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Top 50 Products for 2015 – Car Parking Tiles

This product is one of the “Top 50 Materials, Products & Ideas we recommend for the year 2015”, as chosen by our expert team of Architects & Interior Designers. You can download EBOOK “The ContractorBhai Top 50” here

Vitrified parking tiles used for parking are tiles produced by making use of the vitrification process to full advantage. These tiles are produced through baking process of the supreme raw materials i.e. silica and clay. These materials are baked at high temperature where each particle melts completely to form a vitrified surface on top of the tile. This process converts the tile in a single mass which is hard with low porosity. This process of producing tiles with low porosity making them strong and highly stain resistant.

Full body Vitrified Parking tiles are widely accepted and valued mainly done to its durability, abrasion and crack resistance and dimensional accuracy. These are available in various size and designs.

To Summarize

Why It’s a Winner :

Car Parking Tiles are full body Vitrified Tiles. Tiles are highly durable and do not break easily. Gives beautiful look to the exterior of the buildings.

What Experts Say :

These tiles are Scratch resistant & easy to clean. Highly Resistance to ACID / ALKALI. Neutral to the Sun’s UV Effect. Unpolished and homogeneous.

Cost :

12mm Rs. 125 sq.ft, 10mm Rs.100-120 sq.ft

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