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Top 50 Products for 2015 – Havells Modular Switches

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Blended with excellence and advanced technology makes Havells modular switches unique and finest. These switches are designed keeping in mind the rugged Indian conditions and use. Havells switches are made of very fine quality i.e. fire retardant, self-extinguishing polycarbonate plastic that it can withstand the glow wire test. A ultra-violet material is also used to avoid discoloration even after exposure to sunlight.

Havells Switch- Features

Flame Retardant, UV light stabilized, unbreakable engineered plastic
• Labyrinth effect given to minimize visibility of arc
• Wide and concave switch knob helps in easy operation
• Silver cadmium oxide contacts provide high conductivity and anti-weld properties
Dome shaped moving contact and flat head are fixed to provide positive contact
• It has high mechanical strength and self-lubricating properties to enhance switch life
Special steel springs provides consistent contact pressure
Copper rocker with silver inlay helps reduce wear and tear of profile resulting in increased contact pressure and controlled temperature rise.
• Silver plated brass terminals provide high conductivity and reduced heating
• The liberal terminal hole size provision accepts wires upto 6 sq.mm

To Summarize

Why It’s a winner :

Aesthetically impressive Modular Plate Switches. High protection level & durable. Minimum gap between the socket / switch and the plate for utmost safety.

What Experts Say :

Havells Modular Switches are one of the best Modular Switches available in India, both aesthetically and technically. You might require 5 switches in your TV cabinet with 5 sockets or just 2 switches near your bed. With Modular Switches, you can simply select modular plates which can house 5 switches and sockets and fit it into the wall. Thus Modular switches gives you the flexibility to design your own requirements.

Cost :

Rs. 500 to 1000

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