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Top 50 Products for 2015 – Gypsum Wall Plaster

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A well finished wall and ceiling not only adds to the beauty of room but also makes it look very lively. With use of wall Gypsum boards this finish can be achieved that powder form POP (Plaster of Paris) cannot.

Earlier walls were plastered with cement sand and then powdered POP was used to on wall that came from Rajasthan. Over a period of time, dampness was observed on walls where this powder from POP was used. Such walls also observed fungal growth. Use of more water (in ratio to sand), other treatments and process, bad workmanship also led to cracks formations.

Saint Gobain has introduced various plastering products that have overcome all the above problems. One such board is One Coat Elite.

Features of One Coat Elite-St. Gobain

• It can be directly applied over brick or on concrete surface
Two times faster than traditional plastering as It eliminates few steps that are required then
SAVES WATER as Water curing is not required
No cracks or shrinkage formation
• Keeps room cooler and therefore saves energy
• Improved Thermal Resistance and is non-combustible
Easy to paint

One-coat Elite plaster board is softer in finish then traditional POP plastering. There are harder gypsum boards available in Saint Gobain itself namely N1,N2, N2+ Stucco, Diamond, etc. that are much harder and used as per its construction requirements.

To Summarize

Why It’s a Winner:

In “St. Gobain one coat elite” there is no dampness and so it does not catch fungus. It gives good finishing to the walls but is less hard compared to other POP. Previously, POP powder from Rajasthan was used which was hard. But if there was dampness in the wall that pop use to catch fungus.

What Experts Say:

Punning is applied on wall also called as Wall POP. It is applied on the plaster. By applying POP on the wall, it gives wall a smoother and fine level. Branded company like Saint Gobain One Coat Elite POP is very popular among contractors & home builders.

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