About Author : Rahul Chhedha, is a Building Redevelopment Enthusiast & Advisor. You can reach him at cell# +91-9322097004. Below articles are intended for informational purposes only.

Many home owners are vulnerable when it comes to Redevelopment of building or society. The most common query that arises in their minds is, when, who a how will they do as to which apartment and on which floor is the new one allotted.

Home owners shall be rest assured of all these details as they would be known about it before they vacant their houses for redevelopment. For which apartment and which floor does one get is decided by building members based on set rules by them. This is the first step you can say to redevelopment, because only after which an agreement is made between the builder and the home owner to avoid misconceptions or confusions during possession period.

Second thought that arises is for what facilities will a builder/Contractor will provide in new or redeveloped buildings.

Few things that a contractor shall and usually will provide.

• The most essential and obvious is all the civil work. This includes right from demolishing the existing structure to removal of debris, constructing new structure and doing interior work like flooring, kitchen counter- tops, and more.

• These days modular kitchen is quite in trend and therefore most builders or contractors provide with the same. This also makes it easy for home owners to install other kitchen fittings.

• You then have electrical points at necessary areas. Well if a home owners wants more electric points, they shall discuss or share the same with sight contractor while electrical work us been done for that particular level where he has bought the apartment. If the home owner happens to ask for changes or more electric points once the respective work is complete, the sight contractor may not do the same. Even if he agrees to make the changes, he will have to break the wall and do the needful. This not only consumes more time leading to delay , but also incurs labor and material cost too.

• For home interiors a contractor usually will provide with basic things like modular kitchen, bathroom fittings and accessories, etc.

• For furniture and other interior detailed work, home owner needs to look by himself. Also to make any changes in interiors walls and room size like to include balcony in the apartment, etc. Homeowner needs to get it done as per his liking after he has been allotted the apartment. A contractor doing redevelopment will not make changes as per every home owner. This will increase his work that would create loads of confusion and in-turn delay redevelopment work and increase expense too.

• A contractor or builder also need to provide every home owner with water supply,gas pipeline,electricity and similar facilities in redeveloped projects.

• A builder or contractor offers modern amenities that is quite common in this modern day world. These common amenities include club house, gyms, swimming pool, garden area and jogging tracks. These amenities is common and open to use for all the home owners staying in that society. A member who probably has not agreed for such amenities will still need to oay for its maintenance as is falls under common maintenance expense of the society.

• Modern contractors and builders provide with common ducting for AC’s . This makes the society or building neat and well constructed.

How to avoid misconceptions for redevelopment plan

• First and foremost, whatever a builder promises to provide you with like modern amenities, space plan, interior plan, interior work, etc. All of this shall be taken in writing on legal papers. This is to avoid last moment discussions and arguments.

• Another more important thing is once you finalize the builder and plan, the building is vacant for redevelopment. Meanwhile builder needs to get government permission approved after which the demolishing process starts. Once that is done, ask the builder to make the rough plan that was approved on paperwork with bricks or plywood.This is very essential because what happens is when you are staying in an existing building the rooms are big,bathrooms are small and in new construction building there is q master bedroom and one common bathroom, which is why the size of the room becomes smaller. therefore to make a bigger size apartment the passage area is wasted. We come to all these important details when it gets ready and by that time it becomes late to make any changes so it’s very important that if the builder shows his plan on aground level,because on paper drawings and plan doesn’t show much clarity.By this you get and idea what you are going to get when its ready.So a member should always ask for this to the builder.

Time taken for Redevelopment process

Usually it takes a minimum of about 5 years to complete the procedure to redevelopment of a big society. The time period starts right from handing over the existing society to builder till the time of possession.

Well a project can be completed within 3 years of time too if the plot area is as good as 1000 meter. This will include right from 1st permission to begin redevelopment work till home owners occupancy.


Usually when a society or building undergoes redevelopment, the existing members of society stay on rent in an apartment until work is complete. While finalizing on redevelopment project, a deal is signed among the builder and the members of the society for and “x” amount of rent that a builder will pay to all members of the society. a few builders-not financially that strong, do not provide with the rent facility.