Formerly plywood was available in very few brands that was available in good quality. There were no compromise made of material. Today with increasing population and demand too, there are various grades of plywood made by a variety of brands. Also there have many local brands that have come into market.

We therefore suggest all our clients and home owners to be aware of different types or grades of plywood and know for good brands available in Indian market. Not only that home owners shall have basic knowledge for what type of plywood shall be used in which areas. A home owner with lack of even basic know-ho for the same can easily be cheated which happens quite often these days.

Know your product material before buying

Let’s say a home owner ask for Marine plywood and is unaware of its quality and appearance. If a shopkeeper is over-smart to know this he will hand over commercial plywood in name of Marine ply. Not only that, he would rate the standard plywood double or as good as marine plywood. Here home owners is in three times loss. One he gets a plywood type which he doesn’t really want which is decay and stink sooner. Home owners will either throw away the product of remake a new one. Secondly he is paying double the price for a standard plywood. Thirdly the cost involved in remaking the product.

So you see how important it is for every home owner to have basic know-how about not only plywood for every product and material.

How Plywood’s are finished in different grades

Today plywood is not made from 2-3 different type of veneer specie, but a variety of them like Gurjan, Maple, Cherry, Rubber, Mahogany and many more. You also have alternate or combination of two veneer plywood. With introduction of such variety of grades and brands in plywood, many a times even professionals in same field get confused while buying.

These days a low quality plywood is given a finish or color to that of a higher grade plywood. This makes it all the more difficult for not only home owners but professionals too to recognize the quality or grade of plywood. Like, you have commercial plywood without dipping, marine plywood, plywood’s with dipping, etc. If say commercial plywood is undergone dipping then it really becomes difficult to know the actual grade and quality of plywood. Dipping plywood means coloring plywood.

Compromises made by dealer at counter level

Many a time a brand offers schemes and discounts that home owners may not be aware of. Here the dealer may sell plywood at its original cost only. In very few cases home owners receive plywood grade as required and most of the time I would say, home owners receive lower grade or quality then asked for. Here if the carpenter starts working on plywood immediately, it becomes even more difficult to know the grade of plywood handed over. I repeat, therefore it very essential for everyone of us to have a basic know-how on different grades of plywood.

Percentage of cheating in market

Today you have around 40% to 50% home owners span India who probably are aware of plywood grades, types and quality. But only 30% of them truly receive a grade of plywood they actually want. Most of the times, home owner gets cheated with the grade or type of plywood he wants. If at all a home owners receives a grade of plywood he wants, he gets cheated with the cost. He would end up paying double the price for the same.

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