• Present misconception about buying Italian Furniture

Present misconception about buying Italian Furniture

We spoke to Sadhana Vipat, owner of an Import-Export Company based in Italy. Her company deals in “Made In Italy” Furniture. She can be reached at furniture@vipatindustries.com

Question – We have many clients or let’s say many home owners hesitate having Italian furniture because they are expensive. What do you have to say for them?

Ms. Sadhana – I would say it’s a bigtime misconception that we shall explain to them. Italian Furniture is mostly misunderstand as expensive furniture of but not only here in India but many other countries too. Many home owners Infact love Italian furniture but hesitate buying one since they think they are quite expensive to have. Well today Italian furniture is available in variety of price range and at economical, affordable rates too.

Truly other cost involved accept for furniture cost is what makes the cost go higher. This cost involves transportation cost, paper work, etc. Since Italian furniture is only and only made in Italy, Europe and nowhere else. By nowhere else I mean not even in India. Even then Italian furniture is available for quite affordable rates.

You have Italian furniture quite often termed as Good furniture or Fashionable furniture, etc.

Italian Furniture for different Purposes

Italian furniture is not only for living rooms or spaces. Not many know that you have Italian furniture for other areas too like dining area, gardens, terrace and other rooms too. Infact I shall say that Italian furniture is not restricted for residential purpose but also is available for commercial purpose too.

For kitchens and bedrooms too Italian furniture’s are available in modular sets. i.e. for bedroom you have a set that comprises of queen size bed, its side tables, wardrobe and Dressing table. Similarly for kitchens you have a set of modular kitchen including all basic necessities. Infact in India modular kitchens being supplied by builder is quite a trend, especially for huge buildings, new projects.

For builders who are looking for having best of modular kitchen design and style say within lac of rupee can have a look at Italian Modular kitchen furniture. Italian Modular kitchen furniture appear quite stylish and elegant that come for affordable rates and also most importantly can sustain Indian cooking and washing style.

Italian Furniture for Commercial purpose

There’s wide range of stylish, high end yet affordable Italian furniture. You have smart, elegant looking office commercial furniture’s like for desk area, reception, lobbies, office rooms, conference rooms, etc. Italian office furniture is available in variety of colors too with smart designs, elegant style at economical rates.

Italian Furniture’s for Outdoors

Italian furniture as i told before is available for varied purposes today. You have smart, durable Italian furniture that can be used for Outdoor purpose too. Outdoors is an ear where the furniture would have to undergo different weather and day changes like hot sun, cool nights, winters, storm, rains, etc. It is therefore very essential to have furniture that can withstand all these weather conditions orelse you would have to change them with change in weather. Italian furniture is made to withstand any climatic condition and last for years to come. Again all this is available for quite economic rates. Any middle class person can easily have Italian furniture for this terrace, balcony, etc.

For any information and details of Italian furniture, its cost, etc. Professionals or even home owners could get in touch with us, talk to us, have a look at presentation on Italian furniture. And we will surely help you have the best of Italian furniture at best possible rates to suit your interiors. We also help you with maintenance procedure too, where the fact is that Italian furniture can easily be cleaned and is not high on maintenance.

Lastly I would like to conclude saying that all home owners or everyone shall atleast have a look at Italian furniture. I am sure you will fall in love with it. And where prices are concerned, you won’t hesitate buying one.

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