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8 Interior Design Trends for Modern Homes

Every year we observe big design revolution, but there are few design trends that stay forever.

Let’s have a look at these Design Trends for your modern homes





1. Photo – Collage – Create lasting memories with photo collage in your interiors. Your interior wall can get highlighted with photo- collage that looks very impressive. You need no other element to highlight the wall. You can personalize this space with your personal family pics. And, you can keep changing these pics as and when you want.  You have frames easily available n different sizes and material. Choose as per your interior theme and color. To make the collage interesting, have frame arranged in different orientation.  Well, All this for very little money.


2. Console Table – Console tables are plush subordinates to shoe rack at entrance. Arrange mirrors above this table or sophisticated wall paintings above this table to give a flamboyant look to your homes. Console tables are used bot only as functional furniture but also as decorative element to living rooms. Console table at entrance adds to visual appeal to your home interiors.

3. Entrance Partition – Partition at he entrance add formality to your living rooms. The entrance partition speaks a lot about your home interiors. So choose wisely from a variety of materials and design to suit you home interiors. Entrance partition can be best used to separate you entrance area and open living room that have no entry foyer.

4. Hanging Lights in Dining Space – Hang Pendant lights low over dining table to add to dramatic feel to your dinning space. To create different moods, choose for dimmable lights. Impress your guests with stylish chandeliers that act as focal point. Have them hung low to create a dramatic feel and add to room dynamics.

5. Back Painted Glass – Traditionally dado tiles were used for kitchens since they were easier to clean and add style to kitchen’s. These tiles have now been replaced by back painted glass in modern kitchens. Back painted glass is clear glass that is painted from the back side and viewed from the front side. To add depth to glass back painted glass, LED lights are installed behind them.

6. Floor Transition in same room – Style your rooms with different types of flooring. Different types of flooring in same room is usually done to divide open rooms into smaller spaces. This is done for big living room to separate seating area and dining area or between kitchen and dining area. If not different types of flooring, create a step-up with engineered wood for dining areas. A wooden step-up adds to the richness and sophistication of room.

7. Bench up your Dining Area – Bend some rule and add an inspirational surprise to your dinning space with multipurpose benches. Benches when coordinated with dinning furniture can bring fresh feeling to dining space. Also it increases the seating space around the table. In case of open living room and dining space, the table could be turn towards wall and benches can serve as additional seating when too many guests at home.



8. Open Kitchen, but not really Open – Modern home owners today want to adapt the west style- open kitchens for their homes. But Open kitchens are truly not meant for all. There are various reasons like insufficient space or family is too traditional to have open spaces, etc. But if you still want an open kitchen concept, here is what we have for you. The breakfast table of open kitchen style can be replaced with glass partition. Arrange frosted glass with gaps in-between to provide open space between rooms. Avoid clear glass. Such Frosted-glass partition serves both your purpose, i.e. have open kitchen kind of set-up and also creates separate room feeling with partition.

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