building material Stainless Steel Sink cost rates


Stainless steel sinks are easy to clean, durable, resists corrosion. Steel surface has hygiene value (health safety). Stainless steel sinks have resistance toward hot or cold objects and resist damage from impacts. Many Contractors do not include cost of sink inside Cost of Kitchen Platform. It is good idea to clarify the point.

Branded Sinks have almost same price across India. Dealers sometimes are able to give 3%-5% discount on the MRP.

Steel used should be high quality from steel authority of India Selam (Selam Steel).

Price Range

  • Anupam and Nirali are two popular brands with wide variety of Sinks for Kitchen
  • Price of Sinks change as per increase in thickness off Stainless steel
  • Prices mentioned here are for 304 grade of stainless steel and 1mm thickness of steel
Anupam Stainless Steel Sinks Nirali Stainless Steel Sinks
Brand Size – 21″ x 17″ Size – Bigger
Nirali Rs 3900 to Rs 4000 Rs 4000 to Rs 78,000
Anupam Rs 3900 to Rs 7000 Rs 10,000 to Rs 75,000
Non – Branded Rs 1000 to Rs 3000 Rs 3200 to Rs Rs 12,000

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Suggestions by ContractorBhai on buying Sinks

  • Check with the space availability or size provided for sink area
  • Minimum size for sink should be 20”x18”
  • Always buy Stainless steel sink for kitchens. Sinks are available in other materials like fiber, ceramic, etc. but steel is the most durable material, easy maintenance & inexpensive
  • Kitchen sinks either are single bowl or 2 bowl sink- I big bowl regular bowl and other bowl to wash vegetable or dry vessels
  • Stainless steel sinks are available in various installation types & design/styles. (undermount, top mount, etc). Plan which one will suit you kitchen interior and fits into your budget
  • Always check for the thickness of the sink while buying. Inquire for the gauge of the steel
  • Lower gauge steel is heavier, higher gauge is lighter. SS kitchen sinks usually fall between 18 to 22 gauges

Companies that make Kitchen Sinks

Nirali, Anupam, Futura