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In 3 hours, find out if Your Contractor is doing Good Job

Inspection Visit Contractorbhai service

“I am not sure if my project is going on as per my Expectations”

ContractorBhai Inspection Visit helps you get Indpendent Report on your project. Our Interior Designers take their time to do each inspection thoroughly & report includes a detailed analysis of the alignment, finishing, material, workmanship, other items

Question the unquestioned and not be ashamed to bring up new ideas, new processes to get things done
~ Ratan Tata

Join Home Owners who have already got their on-going Home Interior project inspected by us

In past INSPECTION VISITS – our Designers have helped avoid potential mistakes & made design suggestions that have saved 10s of thousands of Rupees.

What Customers are Saying

We were loosing confidence in how work was going on at our place. Inspection visit by CB Designer helped us to get hold of situation & brought clarity on action plan
Ritesh Jha, 1 BHK Home Owner, Mumbai
My contractor had exceeded budget twice. Inspection visit helped me prepare list of all pending items & more realistic cost involved
Shripal Jaykumar, Mumbai
Contractorbhai designer helped us make well informed decision in selection of top fittings like laminate, tiles & lights
Mrs Jaya K, Mumbai
Highly recommended if you are directly working with contractors/carpenters
Ms Shruti Mohan, 2 BHK, Mumbai

“What does ‘INSPECTION VISIT’ include ?”

Total 3 hours of Meeting time with a trained Interior Designer

  • 45 minutes inspection done as per checklist
  • 60 minutes of explanation on findings
  • 60 minutes to discuss doubts of home owner & Contractor

Service includes Inspection on following:
– Materials
– Alignment
– Finishing
– Workmanship
– Verifying measurements
– Other items

“How much does it Cost ?”

1 Visit


2 Visits


3 Visits


Call +91-9920620009 to know more


1) Which cities is ‘Inspection Visit’ service available ?
Mumbai & Pune

2) When is best time to have inspection visit ?
We customise our checklist & report details as per site progress.

3) I am still confused, am I hiring Interior Designer ?
You are bringing in Interior Designer to do complete inspection of quality. Contractors are focused in quick completion of work, and not quality. Home Owner lacks knowledge hence cannot verify quality. An Interior designer can verify if job is done well.

4) How do I make payment ?
Make payment of Rs 3000 online.

5) How many visits are good for my project ?
We strive to make our first meeting highly efficient. We try our best so that you dont need multiple meetings. However if home owner feels there is need for more meetings at various stages, you can hire us accordingly.