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Thin slices of wood are known as Veneer, they are usually 3mm thick. Layers of Veneers are glued one over the other to make thick Plywood. If you side or edge or cross section of plywood, you will see multiple thin veneers glued one above other.

Type of wood & thickness of ply decides cost of plywood. Plywood sheets sold in market are commonly available in sheet size of 8′ x 4′ (8 ft. x 4 ft.).

In our guide Cost of Furniture, we cover cost of making furniture using plywood.

Price Range

Below Prices are of Branded company Plywood. Rates are mentioned per sq. ft. usually sheets of 8′ x 4′ are available in market. That’s 32 sq. ft. of Plywood ( Ex-Bhiwandi )

Thickness Marine Ply Commercial Ply MDF
4 mm 42.25 37 40
6 mm 54.25 45.50 51
9 mm 71.65 60 62
12 mm 88.05 70.70 77
15 mm
16 mm 107.50 91
18 mm
19 mm 119 99.75

Suggestions by ContractorBhai on buying Plywood

  • Commercial ply & Marine ply are 2 types of plywood commonly used for Home Interiors

  • Marine ply is used in areas like bathroom, kitchen, etc. where water contact is expected. While commercial ply is used in bedroom and other rooms

  • Ensure the weight of the plywood. Do this by trying to pick the ply yourself.

  • Knock on different places of the ply to check the sound. Many a times it so happens that the piece of ply could be hollow from center. Gets verified only when one cuts the ply from center.

  • To verify the strength of the ply, look for the grains of veneer sheets.

  • Look at the edge for thickness of the ply. You will notice the grain direction of each veneer used to make a ply. If the grains are in opposite direction or at angles, than the wood is strong & durable.

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