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building material Wall Coverings - cost rates

Wall Covering or Wall Paper

Wall papers or Wall Covering have evolved over years. Previously, from a simple paper based material it has moved to high quality Vinyl finish.

The wall Coverings / wall papers come in a roll, you will not get it per sq ft wallpaper piece. The size of this roll is standard i.e 57sq feet which are European and Metric Double rolls and 70 sq ft that are American Double rolls .

In most cases, Wallpapers/wall coverings are generally used as a highlighter on particular wall in a room. This could highlighter behind your tv or behind bed or you decide to use it for one single wall inside room.

Time required to apply wall paper is less, takes couple of hours for complete roll.

Price Range

  • Below Prices are of Material only (Wall paper / Wall Covering)
  • Does not include Application Cost
  • Fabric Vinyl Wallpaper comes in wide range.
Wallpaper Type Rate per sq. ft. Cost of Roll ( 57 sq. ft.)
Vinyl Coated Rs 20 to Rs 30 Rs 1140 to Rs 1710
Vinyl Wall Paper Rs 40 to Rs 60 Rs 2280 to Rs 3420
Solid Vinyl Wallpaper Rs 60 to Rs 80 Rs 3420 to Rs 4560
Paper Backed Vinyl Rs 85 to Rs 110 Rs 4845 to Rs 6270
Glass Cloth or Fabric Rs 130 to Rs 150 Rs 7410 to Rs 8550

Suggestions by ContractorBhai on buying Wall Covering

  • If wall covering/wall paper you have chosen is Plain in design we can utilise almost 54 to 55 sq feet of the roll.
  • If wall covering has floral or other patterns, it will cover 50 to 52 sq feet from the roll, due to wastage in matching design patterns.
  • Wallpapers Wall Covering are available in two type of material namely Vinyl coated and non-woven.
  • Wall Covering can be applied luster, glossy, plastic or oil painted wall. The wall needs to be primer coated before painted.

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