building material Sand cost rates


River sand is the best type of Sand for your Home Renovation project. It is collected from river waters. Sand has rounded grains generally in white-grey colour. River sand is best for plastering. usually Cost of Flooring and Cost of Wall Tiling includes cost of buying Sand.

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Price Range

  • River Sand prices are calculated in Brass
  • One Brass equals 100 Cubic feet volume
  • Lets say if truck carries 15′ x 8′ x 4′ = 480 cubic feet of Sand. It is 480/100 = 4.8 brass
Price per Brass ( low ) Price per Brass ( high )
River Sand for Plaster
Rs 18,000 Rs 23,000
River Sand for Brick work and cocnrete work
Rs 14,000 Rs 16,000
Crush Sand
Rs 10,000 Rs 13,000

Suggestions by ContractorBhai on buying Sand

  • To begin with identify what area needs plastering work to be done.
    This is because different type of sand is used for interior & exterior of the structure.
  • Check what sand type is ordered. There are 2 types of sand- River sand & Crush sand. River sand bonds very well with cement than crush sand.
  • To check by take some sand in your hand, if the sand is muddy and brown in color, then its river sand.
  • Usually River sand is used for interior purpose and crush sand for exterior use.