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Mind your Traffic Line

Destress your home withclear interior traffic lines. What does this mean? Interior Traffic line is the obvious, shortest and quickest route you walk around in house or room.

Therfore its very essential to plan your circulation path inside home, within rooms very intelligently to comfortable and functional homes. Badly or inappropriately placed Furniture can hinder the traffic flow that can cuase irritation which can lead to minor accidents too. Well here are few tips to create improved traffic lines in homes that can be stress-reducig and calming-

Identify your Traffic line
Sit with your empty floor plan without any furniture in way .Mark you obvious paths from entrance to other rooms within home.

Bring in Furniture
Now draw your furniture layout of each room i.e. Living room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.

You will notice that the traffic line is now obstructed.

Plan, try and keep your traffic paths as free as possible for functional and happy homes.