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How Flooring Lines and Pattern create spaciousness in Room

Flooring Material alone is not responsible for creating an impact in room.  You you need to also find out is how or what type of flooring design, style and size you want.  Each flooring tile has certain style of design by itself. How these tiles are laid will create different design. Different size and design will create varied impact on room space. So find out what flooring layout will get created and what you want.

For example diagonal tiles can make a narrow space appear wider. Vertical flooring lines will make the room appear longer. It gives a feeling of depth to the room. While horizontal lines will make the room appear extensive.  Depending upon which direction you want to create feeling of Spaciousness, flooring pattern can be done accordingly.

Even tile Size can affect the feeling of spaciousness to room.  Hme owners can greatly use this to their advanatage by making room appear bigger or wider with appropriate choice of tile size and pattern.