This is Video 33 of 35-videos series on Interior Design

Most Home owners do not understand what impact a false ceiling design will have on a room. Modern design revolves around usage of straight lines, white colors and spacious looks. You will never find a darker color on ceiling. Avoid too much of textures and patterns on ceiling. As discussed earlier, Darker the ceiling, more closer it appears to your eyes.

Hence creatively decide what problem you are trying to solve. Unless you want to bring down ceiling or make ceiling appear lower then what really it is. Don’t go for darker color on ceiling. This idea also applied for floor. If you are choosing Marble or Tiles that is darker in color, well, you are making room appear to have less height. Because floor is appearing more closer to your eyes then it really is. No wonder Satvario Italian Marble or Makrana White are so much popular choice for flooring.

I hope you know what is Makrana Marble. I bet you have seen it before. This well known building was made completely out of it.