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Got Green outside your balcony?

If this point applies to your case, I really envy you. IS there lot of greenery outside your home or is there a big green tree right outside your balcony??? Is there a lush green lawn outside your balcony? If your answer is YES to any of these above questions, then I want you to know 1 important principle of how light works.

As we spoke earlier, sunlight or natural light makes it way inside your house. Rays either directly enters and hits inside your room or they do get reflected from all over then place and then enter your room. Most of the times , its combination of both –  Direct and Indirect lights.

Now if you have lot of green outside, Light will jump over it and then enter your home. When light is reflected by Green,  it will make color inside your room appear different. Green is one of the important color.

Remember we keep defining colors in terms of Red, Blue and Green? Green when mixes with different color, gives completely different color. For example – when you mix Green to Red, the result is Yellow. Red turns into Yellow. Hence if you have lot of greens outside your balcony, it is going to impact your color choice. Because sunlight will bounce over green and then fall on your wall.