building material Cement cost rates


Cement of type 53 grade and 43 Grade are used for Home Projects. Civil construction done using these cements work under regular environmental conditions.

These grade of cement are used for concreting and for plastering in apartments and single storied individual houses. Like Sand, cost of cement is included in the cost of flooring and cost of wall tiling. So although home Owner never goes out to buy sand & cement, just checking with Contractor about what brand and type of cement is used becomes important.

Price Range

  • Cement is available in 53 grade, 43 grade, 33 grade.
  • 53 and 43 grade are common. 33 grade is not easily available
  • White cement is equally popular and used in Home projects
  • Gray cement is used in construction, wall tiling and floor etc
  • White cement is used for flooring with white marble, Italian marble, and for filling joints of wall tiles and flooring
ACC Cement, Building Material Ambuja cement- Home Renovation - Building material
Type 50 Kg Bag
Grade 53 cement
Gray Rs 350 per bag
Grade 43 cement
Gray Rs 340 per bag
White cement
White Rs 1100 per bag

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Suggestions by ContractorBhai on buying Cement

  • Identify what area plastering needs to be done
  • Prefer buying a branded cement
  • Cement come in different grades- 53 grade, 43 grade & 33 grade. Lower the grade, more is the setting period. And more the setting setting, stronger the structure/ wall becomes. Therefore lower the grade better the wall strength
  • 43 grade cement is generally used for RCC work and slab casting, while 53 grade cement is used for plastering of flooring, tiles, etc.
  • Once the cement bag has arrived, check that the bag is not open or torn from any of the sides
  • There should be no lumps inside the cement bag. Do this by putting your hands inside the bag. Also, you shall experience a cool feeling
  • Cement used shall be smooth in nature. To check this, take some cement in your hand and rub it