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Grill Work – Fabrication

Grills are made from different material like stainless steel, mild steel, brass and cast Iron. Usually grills are either cylindrical rods or rectangular bars. Grill made from rectangular bars are much stronger compared to cylindrical. Also the bars could be hollow which is less strong then the solid bars/rods. Grills can be custom made too.

  • All rates are with unit of “Per Square feet”
  • We have assumed certain price/type of grill which is commonly used. Cost will vary as per your selection.

Grill Work

Rupees per square feet

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What is included in above Rate ?

  • All rates are with unit of “Per Square foot”
  • Above rates includes 20mm x 5mm Gauge of flat strip grill, with material & fixing charges
  • Between two parallel Bars/strips about 4 inches gap is there
  • Grill work Contracts are commonly given with material. Fabricator has stock of metal raw material, which allows him to give best price.
  • Rates include fixing of Grill however if your floor is on higher level then whole working process changes & will incur additional fixing cost

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