Bathrooms is one place where the floor is constantly used and is wet. Well if you have elderly adult’s ay home, bathrooms, be it toilets, faucets or shower area / bath tub shall be most important safe and effectively designed.
Imagine seniors who have lost mobility and strength, standing in shower area for long or getting into bath-tub like us isn’t really possible.
Here are few tips to help elderly one’s have safe, effective bath time.

Tips to Senior Friendly Bathrooms

Have Slip-free Bathroom Mats














Bathroom mats are often overlooked while planning bathroom design while planning Senior Friendly Bathroom. Bathroom mats is one of the least expensive material used inside and outside of bathrooms. Slip free bathroom mats aid seniors and infact all of us from stepping directly on wet, slippery tiles. Placing a non-slip mat near wash-basin also works great as this is another area where you have constant wet tiles.

Well not only mats i would suggest you to be careful while choosing bathroom floor tiles too. Choose for anti-skid bathroom tiles to reduce slipping and trippping in bathroom.

Install Grab Bars and Rails














Senior often have poor balance. They try to grab on something easily within reach that are meant for display purpose or hanging purpose and cannot handle person’s weight. To help them have secured bath time install Grab Bars at necessary areas like shower area, wall near WC, wash basin area and near bath tub (if any). These grab bars could be permanent or temporary. But make sure these bars are firmly anchored to wall. Avoid installing suction cups bars since they aren’t designed to take human body weight. Choose for sturdy material Grab Bars to create Senior Friendly Bathrooms.

Improve Bathroom Lighting













Elderly ones, often develop poor eyesight. Install lights in necessary areas like shower area, WC area for them to view the grab bars and have safe bath time. Take care the lights are not too bright that can hurt the eye or too dim.

Fold-able shower Seat













Install shower sear for elderly one’s to enjoy bath time without tripping and other worries. You could have foldable seat that could be folded into wall when not needed.

Raised Toilet Seat













Install an Anglo-Indian Commode medically known as Elevated Toilet seat. Opt for seat with brackets or seat with locking mechanism that can be firmly attached to toilet rim.