If you’ve ever moved to a new house before, you’ll know how much of a hassle it can be. Packing everything, organising all your stuff and finding the time to fit it all in can be a real pain if you’re not prepared. Not to mention all the cleaning of both your old and new home! Some things you’ll even have to learn how to do as you’ve never done them before– like how to clean a gas stove, for example.

To help you out, we’ve put together some cleaning tips that you can follow that’ll make your move that little bit easier.

Get everything you need

There’s nothing more annoying than starting to clean only to realise you don’t have everything you need, so make sure you take a trip to the shops before you start! Get plenty of cloths, sponges and cleaning products. Take a look at what you have and make a list of everything you don’t.

Start before you move

Before you’ve even packed your boxes off into the moving van, you should be ticking things off your cleaning checklist. By doing this, you’ll help yourself a lot later on when you don’t have to rush to do it all in one go. Start cleaning your appliances (remember to learn how to clean a gas stove!), cleaning out your cupboards as you pack and hoovering throughout to prevent a ton of dust from moving about all your stuff settling on your floors.

Room by room

As you move around your house, be sure to do everything you need to in each room. Here’s a little moving home checklist you can follow:

  • Kitchen – Clean the oven, microwave, fridge and any other appliances you may have. Clean out drawers and cupboards, dusting and using anti-bacterial spray to get rid of any grime and dirt.
  • Bathroom – Thoroughly clean the toilet, sink, bath and shower. Mop floors, dust surfaces and use glass cleaner to leave mirrors and windows spotless! Use grout cleaner or mould remover to get rid of any hard-to-move dirt.
  • Living areas and Bedrooms – Be sure to hoover the floor, dust and scrub any surfaces and wipe down the walls. Use glass cleaner for the windows, stain remover for any marks on carpets and remember to clean out the fireplace if you have one. If you’ve hung up art or shelves that have been removed, make sure to fill in any marks left in the walls and paint over them.
  • Entrances – Often neglected, your entrance points may need a good scrub of the floor and a lick of paint to make them brighter and more welcoming.

Taking the time to create a cleaning checklist for the home you’re moving out of and the one you’ll be moving into it is a great way to stay on top of all your cleaning and organising. Remember, take each task one by one and plan ahead so you have the time. There’s nothing worse than getting stressed whilst moving house!