Factors that influence your Home Interior Colors Scheme

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Color is the first thing you notice the moment you enter the room. Different colors have different impact on the way our mind works. Studies have shown that different colors have different impact on our moods, behavior and insight of space. As its rightly said, sometimes picking up the perfect color for given room or

Style Your Home Interiors with Decorative Wall Panels

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<strong>Highlighting a wall</strong> be is the budding trend in home interiors today. Decorative Wall panel is one of the nice way to highlight the wall. Highlighting a wall in a room immediately draws focus towards it. Firstly let’s understand <strong>why do need to highlight a wall</strong>.                  

Quick Tips to Senior Friendly Bathroom

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Bathrooms is one place where the floor is constantly used and is wet. Well if you have elderly adult’s ay home, bathrooms, be it toilets, faucets or shower area / bath tub shall be most important safe and effectively designed. Imagine seniors who have lost mobility and strength, standing in shower area for long or

5. White Colour Makes Your Room Look

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Interior Design Tricks Series– Video 5/ 35 White House is always big. Small room feels detained and uncomfortable. In today’s world where spaces are getting small, we need to adapt certain design concepts to make small rooms spacious. The most common and easy trick is to paint your

ફ્લાય એશ બ્રિક, ક્લે બ્રિક અને કોન્ક્રીટ બ્લોક્સ – ઉત્પાદની સમીક્ષા

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જો તમે નવી દીવાલ બાંધવાના હોય તો તમારી પાસે 3 વિકલ્પ છે - 3 પ્રકારની ઈંટ. ક્લે બ્રિક, કોન્ક્રીટ બ્લોક્સ અને ફ્લાય એશ બ્રિક ( લોકપ્રિય રીતે સિપોરેક્સ નામે ઓળખાય છે 1) ક્લે બ્રિક કાદવ માંથી બને છે અને ભઠ્ઠી માં નાખવામાં આવે છે. 2 સામાન્ય સાઈઝ માં (પહોળાઈ) લાલ ઈંટ ઉપલબ્ધ હોય છે -