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Storage in any room is very essential for any room. Storage is one of the most crucial element to blissful, healthy and organized living which is often overlooked.

How would you explain, What is Storage?

Storage is used to hide the clutter that have and don’t have specified place.


Benefits of Storage 
Saves time – Organized space allows you to find things easily with minimal effort and time.
Space equivalents Status – Clutter is not what one can relate to luxurious spaces. A well-designed wardrobe or walk-in-closet in master bedroom signifies one’s status symbol. Luxury Storage spaces not only have to be productive but shall be functional too. Having special storage for accessories and other essentials enhance the space.
Storage adds value – a well-built, efficient Storage adds to economic value to given space. Built- in wardrobes. Modular kitchens, etc. attract modern home buyers. Modern home buyers want easy lifestyles and look for ready to move in spaces. They don’t want to or shall get into process of getting storage made themselves.
Vertical Spaces, Essential and Beneficial – Making the best use of floor-to-ceiling wall space enhances the space productivity and effectively increases design aesthetics too.

Why is planning Storage or having one so important?

Designer – You often find kids room messy, scattered with toys, book and what not. Well what else do you expect from kids? To keep your kids room more organized and free for mess, is very essential to get some storage furniture. Storage furniture in kids room is very important to help keep daily essentials, books, toys, clothes, etc. organized. Storage also helps kids become more organized in life and learn to keep their spaces neat and clean.

Contractorbhai-Basic-Storage Furniture-Kids-Room

What are basic storage furniture essential in kid’s room?

Designer – Basic Storage Furniture for kids room include
• Bed – Very obvios, we cannot imagine a bedroom without bed. For single kid, go for single bed set, while prefer bunk beds for shared kids room. Bunk beds saves on space providing enough sleeping place.
• Wardrobe – another element that a bedroom cannot go without. For girl have wardrobes with enough hanging options while for boys enough shelves to pile clothes. Choose vibrant color deco furniture-bright colors for kid’s room furniture that kids love. Simple and plain colors look too mature for kid’s room.
• Dressing Table – very much essential for girls, room. A dressing table with drawer and cupboard below accommodates accessories.
• Study Table – It’s very essential to have study table at right space in kids room. Having study table near window will help kids stay fresh, energetic and enthusiastic while studying.
• Toy Storage – Toy storage will help kids stay organize and clutter-less room. One can go as creative as one wants for toy storage.
• Overhead Storage – Here home owners can utilize to store their stuff or kids not so essential bags, luggage.
• Low height Table – Low height table help grown up kid’s access to higher toy storage or wardrobes. It can act as activity table, study table, etc.


Designer PITCH – Create paradise for your kids with right kind of kid’s room furniture. For modern single kid room interiors, opt for bunk bed with study table and storage below. Such a set-up saves on space allowing kid for increased play area in the room. You can further enhance room with rocking chairs or stylish furniture. As opposing to earlier statement, I suggest home owners to avoid dressing table in kid’s room that home owners often want. Reason being the mirror may get hit by sharp object or toy while playing. This can hurt the child or cause serious injury. I am sure it’s difficult to guard your kid 24×7.


How about Kids furniture for Shared Kids Bedroom? Does the Storage get doubled?

Designer – well yes to an extent and as per space availability. For shared kid’s bedroom, each kid surely needs individual storage. Until certain age storage could be shared in case of same gender kids. But for brother-sister duo shared kids bedroom, they surely need individual storage’s from day 1. Many home owners ask for common study table, but I suggest them to have individual i.e. 2 different study tables for each kid. You know kids usually want to do and occupy what the other is doing. It’s a basic kid nature. So rather than getting into any troubles, give them different space. Each kid could study and share study time too.


What is an alternative to bunk beds?

Designer – You have many modern fold-able style modern furniture’s easily available. Also you could opt for sofa-cum-bed. Sofa-cum-bed that can be used for sitting and reading purpose in day time that can be opened up to have 2 beds for sleep time. You also have beds that fold into the wall when not required. But for such beds either niche need to be created in wall or the entire bed set-up with storage options in created accordingly. These beds can be made and are available in variety of material, color and style. Choose appropriate to best suit kids bedroom interior theme.

Designer PITCH – for shared kid’s bedroom, you are often suggested to have bunk beds because they save on space and appear modern and trendy.  But that is what I wouldn’t really suggest. Today where spaces and getting smaller, we have reduced ceiling height apartment, we often hear complains for kids with bunk beds. Complain – that the upper kids doesn’t receive sufficient fan air. In such case, wall mounted fans is the answer. But wall mount fans is something I wouldn’t suggest. You kids may play with it. He may hurt his finger or head while waking up. Well there are many for those who want bunk beds with low ceiling room height but are on expensive side. Here we talking about affordable room interiors, so let’s not get into those details. Bunk beds are no doubt beautiful bed designs for shared kids bedroom. But for those who have good ceiling height.>


What are other Books or Toy storage Options? What are apt areas for kids toy Storage?

Designer – For kid’s room Storage is usually designed and created at end of bedsides, Wall opposite bed, side walls next to window or chests at bed end, Cabinet storage on wardrobe sides, storage behind room door with niche, etc.
Designer PITCH – Having kid’s bedroom furniture set with maximum storage capacity is the only and best key I would say. This includes storage drawers under the bed, dressing table with drawers and storage chests with more levels. Chests is a very traditional concept to skids room storage. Modern kids bedroom storage furniture include storage cupboards and cabinets, book racks for books and toys, hanging storage cabinets that are available in decorative shapes and forms. These forms can be designed to best suit the room interiors theme too.Storage options majorly will depend on room interior theme and space available too. Also there’s no end to storage designs and options. If not available, home owners can get it made for carpenters as per their liking.


You mentioned decorative/ artistic storage furniture, what do you mean by that? Can you elaborate?

Designer – Decorative/artistic furniture are usually the shelves created on wall opposite to bed. These include different shapes of shelves or cabinets too, and many more. But the major dis-advantage is that such artistic storage furniture take away hell lot of space. I would say keep it simple. Imagine where you already are fighting with space to storage stuff, do you really want to take away from that available space too? I am sure not. Also many a times decorative or such artistic furniture turn out to be a big disappointment id not made neatly. If at all home owners still want some creative furniture, have it in parents’ bedroom. Basic storage with clean lines storage furniture is what I suggest.


Designer PITCH – Well you can add lot of style to these simple, clean line furniture for kid’s bedroom with colors and paint textures. Have the shelves of open storage style painted in rainbow colors or alternate colors (as per room theme). Install spot lights above display shelves / racks. This adds value and depth to space.

Look for multi-functional furniture style. These save on space and provide ample of free space in room. further add value to it with beautiful direct and indirect lights at appropriate areas to highlight given storage.