When it comes to your home, it’s important you create a space that you feel comfortable in. From learning
how to remove pen stains from your white sofa and keeping your house spotless to choosing the right décor
for your style, these little things all add up to create a home you can feel happy in.

To help you find inspiration on how to decorate or refurbish your home, here are five décor trends that are set
to be a hit in 2018.

Let the Light In

This year it’s all about bright, light homes. Open up your rooms with an open-plan layout and install large glass
windows, letting all that wonderful sunshine in. Choose gauzy, thin curtains in light tones – such as white or
tan – rather than thick, opaque styles, and consider installing skylights for maximum light.

You can also brighten your home around the clock by installing spotlights, which are both modern in design
and can create a more even spread of light than one central lamp.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re thinking of re-doing your kitchen in 2018, consider two-tone cabinets. This is when your top cabinets
that are on the wall above your kitchen surfaces are a different colour to those below the kitchen surfaces.
One look in particular that’s making interior designers swoon this year is choosing a bright, bold colour – such
as a blue or red – for your top cabinets and pairing it with an exposed wood on the bottom cabinets.

Stone Sinks

Keeping with the kitchen refurbishments, when you’re designing a new one you may want to consider a stone
sink rather than stainless steel. It can add a rustic, homely feel to a kitchen, as well as looking more unique and
bespoke than other materials. The stone you choose can also be used to make kitchen surfaces, creating a
beautiful flow within the design of your room.

Bold Colour Pops

Accents of bold, bright colours set against more minimalistic design is a must for home décor this year.
Whether it’s brightly colour cushions on a white sofa or a few painted stripes on a wall, make sure you liven up
your place with this trend. When redesigning your room, think both of the colour of your furnishing, such as
kitchen cabinets or light fixtures, as well as the objects you put in your rooms.

Focus on the Ceiling

The ceiling is getting a whole lot of attention this year, so take a look at yours and see how it can be improved.
If yours is looking run-down or has a lot of wires and vents on it, you could opt for a false ceiling to neaten the
whole thing up. This is when a second ceiling is placed below the original, and it also has many other benefits
such as keeping rooms cooler in the hot weather.

Amongst essential knowledge such as the best way to paint a wall and how to remove pen stains from the
sofa, it’s also important you don’t forget to read up on home décor trends. Keeping a place neat and tidy will
only benefit your home if the interior is already well-designed!