Mandirs or Prayer rooms are very much fundamental part for Indian Home Owners. Mansdirs at home are regarded to offer positive vibes and connect with God. But often when a house is renovated or interiors are planned for new homes, prayer rooms are the last thing when it comes to planning.

What is the first thing Indian home owner’s think of when it comes to Prayer room planning?

Designer 1 – The first aspect to planning prayer area is the direction. It’s very essential to have the temple or Mandir as per Vastu Shastra that is what we Indian typically call as. As per Vastu Shastra, Divine Mandir protects the space from harmful vibrations. It gives a feeling of purity, good luck and make you feel safe.


Where is Mandir usually placed in Indian Home?

Designer – Well there are two possibilities-
i. If you have enough space, home owners can create a separate room for for Divine Mandir with partitions.
ii. In homes with space constrain, wall mounted Mandir is either placed in Kitchens or Living room or in common area.Designer PITCH Avoid placing Mandir in bedrooms, be it any one’s bedroom. Few home owners break this rule of vastu and place in their kid’s bedroom or elderly person bedroom. But strictly avoid in master bedrooms.


Things to consider before planning Temple Space
Designer PITCH – It at all you planning to have Mandir in Living room, see to it that the Divine Mandir is not directly visible to guests who entire from main door. Prayer area is supposed to be a sacred place. Respect that space and time that you spend when you in that space. If you have to only place in such a way, get a partition of glass or wood.
With Space constrain today most Indian home owners say 80%-90% of home owners cannot have separate rooms created for Divine Mandir. Home owners have create space. At such times, wall mounted Mandir serve as best decisions.


How can you add to holiness to divine Mandir Space in homes?

Designer – Have items or decoration relating god placed near divine Mandir to make you feel more peaceful while spending time there.. Like you could have small electronic mantra chanting machine near Mandir, have different symbol 3D stickers, bells, etc.
Designer PITCH – For those in typical devotion practice –
For home owners who are into typical practice of devotion and lit diyas, agarbattis, etc., make sure that there is no cloth, paper or material that will easily catch fire placed in that area.
Check your fan position while you planning divine Mandir. If fan is placed directly on top of this area or near, it can hamper your Diya’s to be lit. For home owners who cannot really help reposition of either of them, you could opt for “Akhand Diya” diyas that come with lids.
To add value to this divine space, get spot lights installed in or on top of Mandir, strip lights around the Mandir to add to sanctity of this space.


What are different styles or types of Mandir are best for Indian Homes?

Designer – Divine Mandir come in different material like wood, marble and oxidize which are usually ready-made ones. Few home owners prefer getting it made from wood or marble. But there are limitation here. You will not be able to have so much of detailed work like pillars and curves as in ready-made ones. One advantage here is that home owners could get storage made as per thero requirement below the divine Mandir.
Designer PITCH – As per space availability, you can also get a free standing glass shelves Mandir made. Truly here again there’s no end to creating space. One can have small space created next to wardrobe by just having 3 walls to Mandir with door to it or have small space created at appropriate level in corner among kitchen storage cabinets. All this can be created as per space availability.

How does designing, highlighting and decorating a separate Divine Mandir room differ from above mentioned Mandir Space?

Designer – Designing differ a lot. With separate room for Mandir, home owners can really have creative rooms like
• Install onyx backlit frames on sides of back wall to add warmth to the space,
• Have wooden carved side panels to define your space,
• Have spot lights installed above every idols (if the room is wide enough),
• Get designer pendant light that adds depth to space


For doors
• Grill style wooden carved doors with bells installed or a traditional jail frame offers a traditional touch to your divine spaces.
• A designer steel framework or screen at the entrance coordinated with ceiling lights or back wall offers modern look to your divine rooms.
• Glass doors with frames or half frosted half clear glass doors adds depth to you diving rooms.

Well here again there’s no end to having designing you divine spaces. One rule which we keep repeating is avoid over doing with decor items or design elements as they can chip away you Interior space.