Tips to Residential False Ceiling Design that no one talks about

What is False Ceiling? False Ceiling are the secondary ceiling dropped down from the original ceiling. False ceiling are often made from POP or gypsum board attached to the beams, wall and original ceiling of the room. You can call False Ceiling as the fifth wall to any room.Traditionally ceilings were painted in

Secret to Factors that influence your Home Interior Colors Scheme

Color is the first thing you notice the moment you enter the room. Different colors have different impact on the way our mind works. Studies have shown that different colors have different impact on our moods, behavior and insight of space. As its rightly said, sometimes picking up the perfect color for given room or

Divine Mandir Spaces for Modern Home Owners

Mandirs or Prayer rooms are very much fundamental part for Indian Home Owners. Mansdirs at home are regarded to offer positive vibes and connect with God. But often when a house is renovated or interiors are planned for new homes, prayer rooms are the last thing when it comes to planning. What is the first

How to Pick Perfect Cove Lighting

Lets starts with , What is Cove Lighting? Designer 1 – Cove Lighting are indirect lights built in shelves, wall depressions and in false ceiling. Cove lighting directs light upwards to ceiling and down to adjacent wall where its lighting fixtures are concealed. Cove lights are used more for aesthetic appeal and particularly to highlight

8 Interior Design Trends for Modern Homes

Every year we observe big design revolution, but there are few design trends that stay forever. Let’s have a look at these Design Trends for your modern homes…       1. Photo - Collage – Create lasting memories with photo collage in your interiors. Your interior wall can get highlighted with

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