Secret to Factors that influence your Home Interior Colors Scheme

Color is the first thing you notice the moment you enter the room. Different colors have different impact on the way our mind works. Studies have shown that different colors have different impact on our moods, behavior and insight of space. As its rightly said, sometimes picking up the perfect color for given room or

Tips to choose perfect Wardrobe for your Bedroom

Having right style and type of Wardrobe that goes well with your bedroom attire could be finicky job. With easy access to internet and people, we often pick up ideas and desire fashionable wardrobes like celebrities. We often forget that there’s difference in preferences. Every wardrobe style are designer with different specifications and individual needs.

3BHK Interior Designing for Bhayli Vadodra

BHAYLI!!! Even I had a similar reaction when I first heard it. Bhayli used to village in Vadodra/Baroda. But today, Diwalipura road in Bhayli, a new center in Vadodra for new upcoming residential projects and has few educational centers too. We had undertaken up a project at Vasna Diwalipura road,Vadodara. It was a newly

False Ceiling – Synchronization of Electrician and Painter

While installation of False Ceiling, coordination between Painter and an Electrician and the Contractor (who is doing the false ceiling) is extremely essential.For lack in communication in either of them can delay false ceiling work. Let’s have a quick look at the installation process of False Ceiling. After taking all the required measurements, framing work

Technique to False Ceiling Installation

False Ceiling is a secondary ceiling that hangs below the main ceiling. False Ceiling features modern homes and commercial buildings. False Ceiling is quite an economical feature that is easy to install. Let’s see the installation process of False Ceiling… Installation of False Ceiling • Firstly all required measurements of ceiling (length and width) and

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