Demonetization impact on purchasing new material ( from vendor to shopkeeper to customer)

Demonetization impact on purchasing new material ( from vendor to shopkeeper to customer) Its said that Indian consumer firms, forms around 40% of sales from wholesale channel. And this wholesale channel mainly works on cash transactions. They are very much likely to witness liquidity constrictions today. This could disturb the supply chain and affect the

Reasons for delay in re-development projects

About Author : Rahul Chhedha, is a Building Redevelopment Enthusiast & Advisor. You can reach him at cell# +91-9322097004. Below articles are intended for informational purposes only. There are various reasons for delay in project. But the most frequent reason is delay due to Government permissions for various reasons like to start the work, end

What happens when you Re-order Digital Printing Job

Digital Printing can be done on any material in today’s modern world. We print directly on different materials like flex, canvas, ceramic tile, leather, wood and many more. We also deal in printing floor and wall graphics too. Digital printing though is cheaper than traditional printing method, it does incur some cost, which is not

Time taken for Digital Printing in Architectural Design

Time taken for digital printing in architectural design mainly depends on 3 factors- i. Type of material on which digital printing needs to be done ii. Quantity iii. Type of digital printing, laser or inkjet No matter what material or type of printing, it will take maximum a weeks’ time for digital printing. There are

Installation Process of Balcony Grill

Grills act as guardians to your homes. Be it buying a new property or renting it, safety grills is one feature every home owner look for. Surely one would, because property is the largest investment one, is making. We all would want our investment to be safe and secured. And so, if not installed, today

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