Time taken for digital printing in architectural design mainly depends on 3 factors-

i. Type of material on which digital printing needs to be done
ii. Quantity
iii. Type of digital printing, laser or inkjet

No matter what material or type of printing, it will take maximum a weeks’ time for digital printing. There are few materials on which printing can be done in a days’ time like canvas, sunboard, leather, etc. While there are few materials that can be printed within 3-4 days’ time like glass, MDF shutters, acrylic, ceramic tile and others.

Digital printing be it laser printing or inkjet printing takes place through machines. There is no manual work in case of digital printing. Therefore digital printing can easily and quickly done. It is the procedure that takes time.

Sending the printed material

Once digital printing is done on given material, we-digital printing vendor can send it on site for installation. But if there’s other work like breaking or flooring work still going on site, then it makes no sense sending in digital printed material. This will cause scratches and damage to it. We therefore suggest clients to contact us to send in the material only when the material is to be fixed in desired space.

Time Commitment

It’s difficult to give time commitment if home owner wants digital printing on multiple materials with different designs. We can give probable time if we know all the details like the material type on which printing is to be done, design, size and application area.

Delay due to incomplete details given

Delay for printing and sending it across can occur if we or vendor is given incomplete information or details. Let me share an experience here. A client called us on his newly bought 1BHK apartment. He and contractor showus the location or spaces where digital printed materials are to be installed. They share us other details like size and type of material too. Here they didn’t have pictures or images that they wanted to be printed. We then give an approximate time taken to complete the task. At time of approval, if client makes changes of the design itself, the work gets delayed.

Therefore ts difficult to give an exact timeline to complete digital printing job unless and until we or any vendor is provided with every detail beforehand.