Digital Printing can be done on any material in today’s modern world. We print directly on different materials like flex, canvas, ceramic tile, leather, wood and many more. We also deal in printing floor and wall graphics too.

Digital printing though is cheaper than traditional printing method, it does incur some cost, which is not even that cheap. Huge machines and inks and other material are required to print on any material. To have these heavy costs are involved. We therefore cannot afford to have cancelations made once the order is finalized.

We usually suggest clients to show us the area where digital printing material are to be installed, the type of material and size. Also if they need to know anything on printing part, it is shared with the client. All the above discussion usually takes place in 1st visit to site only. We and other genuine vendors will share details of work and quote them as per work given.

Many a times it so happens that client cancels the printing job for some reason. If the printing job has already started and cannot be stopped, the client needs to accept it and pay for it. And if the job work has not yet started, it can be canceled.

We usually don’t have any visiting fees for our visits. But if the same client who initially canceled the printing job and re-orders, then we do charge them visiting fees. The visiting fees will not be quoted separately in final quotation. The visiting charges will be added to the printing cost and given. Here client ofcourse ends up paying more than actually required.

We therefore always suggest and ask twice before taking any job for if it is confirm order.