Vinyl mounted on sunboard and flex or vinyl banners technically known as PVC are a form of outdoor advertising. These are now digitally printed on large format inkjet printers which are capable of printing a full color outdoor billboard on a single piece of material.

Today with technology and machines, one can get digital printing done directly onto sunboard, rather than vinyl printing which is later mounted on sunboard.

Direct Sunboard printing is very economical. Infact sunboard is the most economical material to be digitally printed. Sunboard is usually used for branding, advertising or cut-out standees, etc. But, direct printing on sunboard is usually not preferred especially where sunboard needs to be used and re-used again and again. This is more common in field of marketing and retail companies and shops. Here usually vinyl is printed which is then pasted on sunboard followed by lamination process. One reason being, clients want to re-use the sunboard by re-pasting a new poster or banner over old one. Here the biggest disadvantage or problem that can occur is bubble formation. There could be loads of bubble formation due to pasting layers of vinyl one over the other. This will not only make the poster, standee or banner appear shabby but also take away from customers view.

Advantages of Direct Sunboard Printing over Vinyl Printing

• With direct digital printing on sunboard, one need not have to undergo any headache of cutting, pasting, mounting or lamination process. The image is directly printed on the sunboard.

• For photo shoots and branding, corporate companies usually order for glossy finish vinyl digital print with lamination. But here the branding will not stand out since the image and logo will reflect due to glossy finish. While with direct printing on sunboard, matt effect is achieved not matter what the image is. With matt effect the image or picture will always look better, cleaner and sharper.

• Also, with quantity digital printing directly on sunboard turns out to be a cheaper than having vinyl printed and then pasted.

• The life of direct digital printed sunboard is more than vinyl printed one. A direct printed sunboard will stay unaffected i.e. not fade or discolor for minimum of 4-5 years even if exposed to sunlight, whereas vinyl will start fading within a years’ time.

All said and done, in corporate company’s the demand for vinyl print mounted on sunboard job work is very common and usually asked for since they need to change the image on monthly basis.


Sharing tentative rates for an end user, let’s assume I quote 125/- per sq.ft. for direct printing on sunboard. The same job work for corporate order, I will quote 90/- or 100/- per sq. ft. This is because corporate orders are always in quantity.