There are different types of printing job going on at our workshop. Also we don’t deal only with printing jobs, sometimes painting too is done.

We receive orders for digital printing and painting differently. Many vendors like us would be receiving too. At times, a combination of painting and digital printing job is done for a design. Like we received an order for digital printing on aluminum sheet of more than 8’x10’ size. We have machines that can print upto 8’x10’ material only. Therefore a part of design in painted. We deal in spray painting too. Infact we majorly deal in spray painting job.

There are individual teams working for painting and printing jobs i.e. we have one team working on digital printing job work and another team working on spray painting job work. Sometimes a motif or a design appear more beautiful when spray painted rather than digital printing. We therefore get a part of design or a motif spray painted where rest of the design or image is digitally printed.

We therefore suggest clients to help us or any other digital printing vendor with reference image or picture which they want to have printed. We also recommend clients to give us a sample piece of material which they want digital printing. This will help us and other vendors show clines show the design will finally appear if only digitally printed or only painted of a combination of both. If anything we suggest our client’s different process that can be used to achieve unique finish and design.

Time Taken for digital Printing jobwork

Well, it’s difficult for us or any vendor to give an exact time duration to complete a printing job. We can only give a rough estimate if we know what jobwork is to be done, only digital printing or painting or both and quantity too.

Like if you talking about our workshop, we have 3months of waiting jobwork of painting, since we majorly deal in painting. We have a huge unit for painting that we can deliver 30,000-40,000 painting jobwork pieces on daily basis.