Digital Printing for commercial purpose

Vinyl mounted on sunboard and flex or vinyl banners technically known as PVC are a form of outdoor advertising. These are now digitally printed on large format inkjet printers which are capable of printing a full color outdoor billboard on a single piece of material. Today with technology and machines, one can get digital printing

Digital Printing on Glass

Digital printing on glass is a technological development used for the application of imagery pattern, picture or text to the surface of flat glass. The new technology of Digital printing on glass allows for new possibilities and improvements in flat glass decoration and treatment that provide high levels of customization, translucency and opacity control, light

What happens when you Re-order Digital Printing Job

Digital Printing can be done on any material in today’s modern world. We print directly on different materials like flex, canvas, ceramic tile, leather, wood and many more. We also deal in printing floor and wall graphics too. Digital printing though is cheaper than traditional printing method, it does incur some cost, which is not

Other Painting services along with Digital Printing – An Interview with Jagjit Singh

There are different types of printing job going on at our workshop. Also we don’t deal only with printing jobs, sometimes painting too is done. We receive orders for digital printing and painting differently. Many vendors like us would be receiving too. At times, a combination of painting and digital printing job is done for

Giving Wood finish to Aluminum sections through Digital Printing

A new state of art is established, when design meets technology. Reproducing your imagination and adding style onto any surfaces can easily be done with direct application ink through digital printing. The only limit being is your imagination. The digital printing technology allows home owners to not only print your imagination but also have a

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