Ways to Feel Next to Nature Indoors

The best way to give a natural feel to your rooms is allowing Nature to have access to your home  interiors. Let in the day light - Let in the natural day light through your home windows and balconies. Indoor Plants - Having a vertical garden in balcony or few interior plants on

Fresh Ideas for Stylish Terrace or Balcony

We often tend to ignore Terrace and Balcony make overs. But these are the areas meant to be a fun place to relax, socialize with friends in case of parties, and get together. It also helps you get the much needed change from busy, smothering life and interiors. Only a well-designed terrace or Balcony can

How to Choose from wide range of Decorative Laminate

Firstly lets’ understand what are Laminates? Laminates are manufactured timber made from thin sheets of substrates and adhesives. Decorative laminates are paper- digital printed paper used to wall, flooring and sometimes furniture’s. You have regular laminates that re used for customary applications like furniture’s, cabinets, etc. While decorative laminates are often used for furniture’s, walls

Ways to Style you Dining Space with Beach Theme

We all wish to go to Goa, go to the Beach out there. Want to fee refreshed, bright and free and cozy too. Well why not bring those elements in your home. These few elements can bring energy and freshness to your conventional dining areas. Bring in Shades of Blues - Paint your main wall


The wood work that reiterates Impressive toughness, flexibility and durability with beautiful textures that adds to the richness to your homes. SHERA Wood delivers superior aesthetics and quality ensuring long lasting beauty for floor, walls and floor ceilings. SHERA Wood includes different products like Planks, Splendid Planks, Floor Planks, Door frames and Skirting’s. Following are

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