The wood work that reiterates Impressive toughness, flexibility and durability with beautiful textures that adds to the richness to your homes. SHERA Wood delivers superior aesthetics and quality ensuring long lasting beauty for floor, walls and floor ceilings.

SHERA Wood includes different products like Planks, Splendid Planks, Floor Planks, Door frames and Skirting’s. Following are the features of each of them.

SHERA Planks

• Made from a unique composite of natural fibers
• Flexible
• Non-asbestos
• Moisture-proof and Termite-proof
• High grade silicate structure
• Impressive toughness
• Dimensionally stable
• Easy installation, therefore suitable for even do-it-yourself segment

SHERA Splendid Planks

• Innovative style of wood profiling
• Elegant edged profile siding
• Easy overlapping installation and variety of grooved appearance
• Suitable for both, interior as well as exterior walls
• Long Lasting
• Weather-proof
• Can withstand salt sprays and flying debris.

SHERA Floor Planks

• Bet substitute to natural wood decking
• Compliments various looks including traditional heritage or contemporary
• Suitable for boot, indoors and outdoors
• Termite-proof
• Fire resistant and Water resistant
• Can be fixed directly on timber or steel frames

SHERA Door Frames

• Functional yet stylish
• Durable
• Can be used for both, indoors and outdoors
• Available in varied patterns and ready to fit frames


• Low shrinkage and no wrapping
• Noise reducing
• Non brittle
• Easy installation
• Termite and insect resistant
• Immune to water damage
• Weather resistant and Fire resistant