The wood work that reiterates Impressive toughness, flexibility and durability with beautiful textures that adds to the richness to your homes. SHERA Wood delivers superior aesthetics and quality ensuring long lasting beauty for floor, walls and floor ceilings. SHERA Wood includes different products like Planks, Splendid Planks, Floor Planks, Door frames and Skirting’s. Following are

SHERA Deco’ Board

Home owners can now create spaces as stunning as their imaginations effortlessly with SHERA deco’ board. These deco’ boards are low-maintenance wall cladding and panels help home owners add a fresh touch of style to their interiors. Moreover, these eye catching boards come in eight flamboyant textures like Blossom, Cassia, Cassiano, Drop, Rocco, Stucco, Wave

SHERA boards used for different purposes

SHERA boards deliver a perfect blend of durability and elegance, with an interplay of creativity and class. They offer floor boards too that makes walk worth remembering and beautiful walls that resonate strength. SHERA boards vary with its application purpose too. Foloowing are the features of each type of SHERA board. SHERA Ceiling Board Ceiling

SHERA – Building a Nation without cutting a tree

SHERA is a brand started by Mahaphant group established in 1974, Bangkok, Thailand. They are the leading manufacturer of unique and environment-friendly fiber-cement products. The Mahaphant group With experience of more than 3 decades and an expertise in Autoclave Technology, The group is continuously catering to the changing needs and trends of construction and decoration

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