Home owners can now create spaces as stunning as their imaginations effortlessly with SHERA deco’ board. These deco’ boards are low-maintenance wall cladding and panels help home owners add a fresh touch of style to their interiors.

Moreover, these eye catching boards come in eight flamboyant textures like Blossom, Cassia, Cassiano, Drop, Rocco, Stucco, Wave and Rain that allows home owners to create designs of their choice without compromising on beauty or quality.

All SHERA deco’ boards feature –

• High impact strength
• Durability and easy workability
• Impressively strong
• Provides superior resistance against weather, fire and termites

SHERA Blossom

Blossom provides an elegant floral texture for internal cladding solutions giving you a spectacular ambiance.


Cassia gives the appearance of wood grain panel which can be used for paneling, internal and external wall cladding, ceiling and landscaping.


Cassiano gives an appearance of wood plank with grooves enhancing a building’s natural aesthetics. It can be readily used for wall cladding, wall paneling, column cladding, and landscaping.


Drop gives a look and feel of a small drop of water on the surface. It enhances the buildings aesthetic by offering an essence of nature.


Rocco offers an impression of leather finish and can be used in both internal and external wall cladding and ceiling applications.


Stucco offers a texture of stone which is a perfect alternative for stone cladding. It is impressively strong, durable ideal for wall cladding and ceiling application.


As name suggests Rain offers a texture that of rain, facilitating a stunning design for walls. It can be used in wall cladding, column cladding and ceiling applications, rendering an amazing decorative solution for walls.


As name suggests, Wave deco’ boards form a pattern of flowin water. This pattern is an impeccable choice for paneling of a building.