The Economic times ACETECH is a foremost trade fair in whole of Asia for Architecture, Building Materials, Innovation and Design. You can say that it is only third-of-its-kind in the world. It’s exceptional platform that offers opportunity to not just exhibit or display but also create enduring impression for people relating similar field i.e. the architecture, building materials, innovation and design industries.

There are nation as well as international brands, renowned architects, real estate developers, hoteliers, equity investors, builders, engineers and designers from India and the world, as a part of ET ACETECH every year.

Cities Of Exhibition

The exhibition take place in 4 metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Bangalore.

For home owners and professionals can visit the ET ACETECH 2016 on 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th of November at BOMBAY EXHIBITION CENTRE.
Home owners really!!! You may wonder why and whats for. Well, here as I said before there are national and international brands presenting their products. These products are not necessarily only for and of interests to professionals for home owners too.

Exhibition for Modern home owners.
Today Modern home owners are very cautious when it comes to planning, selecting and buying even a small furniture in house.So know what’s in trend and latest technology for different products in above list. Here home owners can get to know why and how are the latest new design products useful and to their advantage. I am sure you would want to know for what wall covering is in trend these days to make you homes a better place. Similarly you have different brands display different products relating to latest bathroom design and accessories, electrical wires, switches, floor covering, styles of paint, so on and so forth. Here you can get all the detail with few sample pieces of products, explained by exhibitors very well and in detail. Ask them anything and they will patiently clear all your doubts.

ET ACETECH deals across 22 product categories that gratify to worldwide audience across several segments. These include –

• Bath and Sanitation
• Doors and Windows
• Electrical’s , wires & Cables
• Home and Offie Automation
• Paints, coats and Wall covering
• Tiles & Ceramics
• Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
• Decorative & Architectural Lighting
• Safety, Security & Fire Protection
• International Furniture
• InternationalCucine& Kitchen technologies
• Hardware Fittings
• Switches and SwtichGear
• Roofing & Cladding
• Wood, Veneer & Flooring
• Elevators & Escalators
• Water Technologies
• Landscape
• Plumbing, Pipes & Fittings
• Steel & Concrete
• Natural & Engineered Marble & Stone

to know more on these products click here.

Well many have a misconception that the products here would be double the price of actual MRP or something which is not true. I would suggest you to go and find out by yourself for how it helps to make your home and living better.