In ET ACETECH you will get to see different product categories that gratify to worldwide audience across several segments. In earlier article we just listed them. Let’s have a brief look on each of them and how home owners can benefit from it.
Bath and Sanitation – This category includes everything relating bathroom i.e. Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Furniture, Gadgets, Panels, Pumps, Bath tub, Cabinets, Countertops/ Vanity Tops, Spa, Tiles, Energy/Water Conservation, Saunas, Heating & Ventilation, and many more items relating to bathroom.

Doors and Windows – Automatic Door, Ventilation equipment, Wooden Doors and Windows (internal partitions), Key and Lock System and many more products relating to doors and windows.

Electricals, wires & Cables – Electrical Components and Accessories, Energy Meters, Industrial & Residential Control and Automation Systems, Transformers and similar systems relating Wires, cables and electricals.

Home and Office Automation – Digital door Lock System, Lighting Control system, Software and remote control Panels, Color Touch Screens and many more similar systems relating Home and Office Automation

Paints, coats and Wall covering – Paints, Coats, Different Wall coverings, Polishing technologies, Chemical Treatment Technologies, Different Equipments like Paint applicator, coating applicator , etc. and other such products, equipment’s and method relating Paints, coats and wall covering.

• Tiles & Ceramics – you have different wall and floor tiles and covering products, Quarrying Machinery, Cutting and Polishing Units, Diamond Tools, Slates and relating products to Tiles and ceramic.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration – Access Controls , Industrial and Commercial AC’s, Chillers, Cold storage, Sire and smoke Safety Systems, Furnaces, Insulation and other similar products relating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

Decorative & Architectural Lighting – Project Lighting Fixtures, Outdoor and Residential Lighting and Fixtures, Fiber Optics, Lamps, Control and Automation Systems and many more.

Safety, Security & Fire Protection – Fire Protection And Prevention Devices, CCTV And Monitoring, Intruder Alarms, Perimeter Protection, Secure Communications, etc systems relating safety and protection .

International Furniture – Outdoor & kids Furniture, Lifestyle brands, Accessories, different room collections, floor coverings, wall coverings, Objects d’art, Gold craft Leafing and many many more products from International market.

International Cucine & Kitchen technologies – Modular Kitchen and Fittings, Appliances and Accessories, Kitchen Furniture, Lighting, etc. related items to kitchen in International market.

• Hardware Fittings – Cabinet Hardware, Dead Bolt Locks, Decorative Door Hardware, Heavy Shelving Systems, Lumber Connectors, Railing Systems, etc.

Switches and SwtichGear – Mechanical & Electronic Switches , Push Button Switches, Rotary Switches, Modular Switches,Remote Control Switches, Modular fittings, MCB, MOCB, RCCB, Contractors, Relays, Fuses, RCBO, Panels, Customized Switch Boards And Many More

Roofing & Cladding – Roofing Systems, False Ceiling, Rain Guards, Fastening/Fixing Systems, Building Sheets, Building Roofing Software, Glass And Glazing, Roofing Tiles, Hangars, Industrial Roofing Solutions, Sealants, Cladding, Insulations, Skylights, Solar Technology, Domes, Metal Trusses, Facade Engineering

Wood, Veneer & Flooring – Timber & Timber Products, Lumbering Technologies, Molding Technologies, Beading Technologies, Woodworking Technologies, Furniture, Handicraft Products, Finishing Tools, Wooden Floorings, Machinery And Equipment And Many More

Elevators & Escalators – Hydraulic Systems And Components, Electric Cables, Travelators, Garage And Parking Elevators, Door Drives And Related Accessories , Operation Panels And Push Buttons, Scrolling Indicators, Speed Regulators, Indicators And Signal Devices, Safety Components ,Guide Rails And Fixtures etc.

Water Technologies – Water Management & Purification Systems, Waste Management Systems, Water Technologies, Water Treatment Technologies, Pool Filters, Water Softening Systems, And Many More

Landscape – Landscaping And Garden, Garden Tools and Equipment’s, Fountains Mfrs, Garden Furniture, Water Features And Pond Accessories, Greens And Sports, Solar Lighting Systems, Greenhouse Constructions and Engineering ,Patio Furniture and more

Plumbing, Pipes & Fittings – CP Fittings, |Mixers, Automatic Sensor, Faucets Water Treatment Plants And Equipment’s , Effluent And Sewage Treatment Plants, Water Recycling Plants ,Waste Water Pumps |Pressure Pumps |Multi Stage Pumps |Hydro-pneumatic Systems And Many More

Steel & Concrete – Steel Structures, Pre-engineered Buildings, Modular Steel Systems, Dry-lean mixes, Strip Products, Tube products, Wire Rods,Portland Cement , etc.

Natural & Engineered Marble & Stones – Natural, Italian and Engineered Marble, Travertine, Granite, ONYX, Block, Natural Stone Products And Technologies And Many More

I would say that these are still few products, equipment and systems spoken about. There are many more for home owners that could help them make homes a better place with easier systems .